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I recently used Tsongas jury consulting to assist in witness preparation and jury selection for a trial in downtown Los Angeles. They immediately made themselves available and worked with our schedule, despite hurdles, including expanding their initial time commitment to add a couple of witnesses who needed more assistance than initially anticipated. The primary benefit of their work was the significant increase in the witnesses’ self-confidence and comfort with the examination process. Their knowledge of course did not change, but their ability to effectively convey that knowledge to the jury changed significantly, and they were no longer intimidated by the process. The help with jury selection, especially where the judge requested voir dire of all 36 prospective jurors at once, was also very valuable. They know the ins and outs of the jury selection process and the LA jury pool very well.

Claudette Wilson

Wilson Turner Kosmo LLP, San Diego, California

My colleagues and I have worked with Tsongas on theme development, jury selection, witness preparation, openings and closings in multiple product liability (prescription drug) cases. Their insight has been invaluable in helping us shape an effective story and selecting the best juries possible. They provide concrete suggestions and feedback in an efficient manner. For all these reasons, they quickly became an integral part of our team. We are better advocates because of their guidance. I recommend them to anyone needing this type of jury consulting, and I look forward to working with them for many years to come.

Sherry Knutson

Tucker Ellis LLP, Chicago, IL

I and others at my firm have worked with Tsongas trial consultants for years. We recently engaged Tsongas in a highly challenging and complex commercial case that was ultimately tried over 5 weeks in federal court. The Tsongas consultants provided valuable input in assessing the case strengths and weaknesses, crafting an appropriate story strategy, and developing a compelling opening statement. In addition, they also assisted us in jury selection, bringing a sound and scientific methodology to the process of evaluating potential jurors, and worked with us in preparing one of our key trial witnesses. We recommend them highly and look forward to working with them again.

Cori Gordon Moore

Perkins Coie LLP, Seattle, WA

We recently worked with Tsongas trial consultants on a complex civil case, involving multiple claims, counterclaims, allegations of fraud, Lanham Act violations, trade libel, conspiracy, as well as trademark infringement. They immediately rolled up their sleeves and dug into the important documents and relevant deposition testimony. They quickly grasped the case and helped us conduct a thorough and well-designed mock trial where we were able to test our case themes and strategies. In addition, they assisted us with preparing witnesses before and during trial, jury selection, and opening and closing. They were with us in court the entire trial, offering fast feedback and daily suggestions and insights. They became a part of our trial team and were there with us late into the night, always with valuable suggestions and insight, and with a positive “can do” attitude the entire time. I valued their input a great deal; it was helpful and consistently on point.

Moreover, I enjoyed their company. I was so impressed that I had Tsongas co-present with me at a Dallas Bar Association conference on the art and science of jury selection. The program was well-attended and very well-received.

Tsongas will make a difference in your case. By the time you are walking into court on the first day of trial, you are better prepared as a result of Tsongas’s involvement in your pre-trial. I definitely will use them again and heartily endorse trial consulting services to clients and fellow practitioners of the art of trying cases.

John W. Bickel

Bickel & Brewer, Dallas, TX

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