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I’ve engaged Tsongas on jury trials, bench trials, and arbitrations to collectively develop a strong and persuasive case story that can guide discovery and deposition preparation. They have helped me in intellectual property matters, securities litigation, and other complex commercial cases. The Tsongas team has helped us prepare jury questionnaires, organize pre-trial focus groups and pick a jury and run Shadow Juries for us. I know when I retain Tsongas that I’m retaining the best around, and Tsongas works hard to meet our case schedule, as unreasonable as it may be. They are also very helpful in providing ideas for graphics and other court demonstratives. I do not hesitate to recommend Tsongas trial consultants to other attorneys nor to recommend their retention to my clients.

Peter Ehrlichman

Dorsey & Whitney, Seattle, WA

I was impressed by the way Tsongas trial consultants have helped analyze and assess multiple complex issues in several recent cases, involving a toxic tort matter and product liability case. Their case strategy process was of high value, focusing the team on the key issues, sharpening our strengths, identifying areas of strategic concern and helping us craft a stronger case theory. They have performed several large scale focus group exercises on a complex case. My client and I were pleased with their attention to detail in their research methodology, their execution of the research, as well as with their interpretation and analysis of juror behavior. I will be using Tsongas in future cases.

Carl Gilmore

K&L Gates, Seattle, WA

We have used the Tsongas team for several of our most important cases. The more we use them, the more impressed we become. They continue to impress us with their pragmatism and insights. They offer solutions, not just observations. They provide case-specific recommendations, not just boilerplate suggestions. They work with us and our clients to develop a cogent and meaningful approach to our most challenging issues. They have become part of our trial team, not just a bolt-on accessory. I have not found a more talented group of jury consultants.

B. Trent Webb

Shook, Hardy & Bacon, Kansas City, MO

I have worked with the Tsongas firm for over 30 years. Their work is top notch in every important phase of trial consultation, including witness preparation, theme planning, attorney trial performance coaching, and jury selection.

David B. Markowitz

Markowitz, Herbold, Glade & Mehlhaf,PC, Portland, OR

I have worked with Tsongas Litigation Consulting since 1989. They have played crucial roles in my cases by conducting mock trials, preparing witnesses, designing demonstratives, performing jury research, preparing jury questionnaires, conducting post-trial juror interviews, and assisting with voir dire. I simply would not consider my trial preparation adequate or my team complete without the professionals at Tsongas by my side.

James Moriarty

Moriarty Leyendecker, Boulder, CO

I’ve relied on Tsongas for a variety of different matters across the country. Whether for strategy development, research, witness preparation or focusing themes and language for trial, their deliver practical information that always improves my chances of success.

Eric P. Schoonveld

Hall, Prangle & Schoonveld, Chicago, IL

I’ve been fortunate to have used Tsongas’ services for sharpening trial strategy, conducting focus groups, witness preparation, graphics and animations in both complex jury and court trials. Their team provides the highest level of trial consultant services, and I am very pleased at the results. I plan to use Tsongas in the future, and would strongly recommend them to my colleagues.

Richard Yugler

Landye Bennett Blumstein, Portland, OR

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