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I’ve been trying cases for more than 35 years and had never used a shadow jury. In the past, I had concerns about both the courtroom logistics and cost of a shadow jury. Now that I’ve completed a trial with the Tsongas team using a shadow jury, I am a believer. The Tsongas approach is seamless, makes no additional demands on a busy trial team, and provides invaluable insights in an efficient format at the end of each trial day. You actually get an answer to the question, “How are we doing?” from the perspective of a layperson and a good feel for what the jury may be thinking. Ultimately, the feedback we obtain during our trial, and the thoughtful guidance Tsongas provided for our use of that information, played an important role in how we tried our case and allowed us to secure a favorable result.

Peter E. Strand

Shook Hardy & Bacon, Kansas City, MO

We recently used Tsongas jury consultants to assist us in our highly successful Intellectual Property trial. They assisted us with a mock trial, jury selection and conducted a shadow jury throughout trial. The mock and shadow jury research proved to be very accurate and helpful, and they provided useful insights on the nature of the jurors in the venue and how they would respond to the unique elements of a patent infringement case. They were an enjoyable team to work with, responsive and professional, and I appreciated their experienced, grounded, and practical recommendations. I would highly recommend their trial services and look forward to working with them again.

Derek Gilliland

Nix Patterson & Roach, LLP, Austin, TX

We have worked with Tsongas consultants for years on large and high profile cases, as well as on jury trials where the exposure and stakes were lower, but the results were still critically important for our clients. We use them to collectively develop case and trial strategy, to enhance our opening and closing statement strategy, to assist us in selecting jurors, and to test our case and themes in mock trials. They make themselves available when they are needed, are quick and responsible to our needs, and always provide quality insight, opinions, and work product. Recently they assisted us in a uniquely challenging legal malpractice defense verdict related to intellectual property. We made use of all these services, and they developed some highly useful graphics for both opening and closing. We recommend them if you have a small case and just need some strategic consulting or if you have a large case where you may want to consider a number of their jury consulting services.

Robert Sulkin & Greg Hollon

McNaul Ebel Nawrot & Helgren, Seattle, WA

I’ve engaged Tsongas on jury trials, bench trials, and arbitrations to collectively develop a strong and persuasive case story that can guide discovery and deposition preparation. They have helped me in intellectual property matters, securities litigation, and other complex commercial cases. The Tsongas team has helped us prepare jury questionnaires, organize pre-trial focus groups and pick a jury and run Shadow Juries for us. I know when I retain Tsongas that I’m retaining the best around, and Tsongas works hard to meet our case schedule, as unreasonable as it may be. They are also very helpful in providing ideas for graphics and other court demonstratives. I do not hesitate to recommend Tsongas trial consultants to other attorneys nor to recommend their retention to my clients.

Peter Ehrlichman

Dorsey & Whitney, Seattle, WA

I have worked with the Tsongas firm for over 30 years. Their work is top notch in every important phase of trial consultation, including witness preparation, theme planning, attorney trial performance coaching, and jury selection.

David B. Markowitz

Markowitz, Herbold, Glade & Mehlhaf,PC, Portland, OR

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