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We recently worked with Tsongas trial consultants on a complex civil case, involving multiple claims, counterclaims, allegations of fraud, Lanham Act violations, trade libel, conspiracy, as well as trademark infringement. They immediately rolled up their sleeves and dug into the important documents and relevant deposition testimony. They quickly grasped the case and helped us conduct a thorough and well-designed mock trial where we were able to test our case themes and strategies. In addition, they assisted us with preparing witnesses before and during trial, jury selection, and opening and closing. They were with us in court the entire trial, offering fast feedback and daily suggestions and insights. They became a part of our trial team and were there with us late into the night, always with valuable suggestions and insight, and with a positive “can do” attitude the entire time. I valued their input a great deal; it was helpful and consistently on point.

Moreover, I enjoyed their company. I was so impressed that I had Tsongas co-present with me at a Dallas Bar Association conference on the art and science of jury selection. The program was well-attended and very well-received.

Tsongas will make a difference in your case. By the time you are walking into court on the first day of trial, you are better prepared as a result of Tsongas’s involvement in your pre-trial. I definitely will use them again and heartily endorse trial consulting services to clients and fellow practitioners of the art of trying cases.

John W. Bickel

Bickel & Brewer, Dallas, TX

We have used Tsongas jury consultants for a number of our employment defense cases and trials in Southern California. Defense verdicts in every trial. They are top-shelf trial consultants and a valuable part of our team. They provide great insights and recommendations on trial themes and narrative development for opening statements and closing arguments as well as well-designed and executed mock trials. They have assisted us in witness preparation, helping our witnesses become comfortable telling the truth well in both direct and cross examination. Tsongas trial consulting has also helped us with jury selection, which they approach in a systematic and scientific manner. They listen to our needs, help us pick the best services within our particular budgetary constraints, and then deliver the goods. All in all, when you go to battle, they are an important resource to have on your side. I do not hesitate to recommend their trial consulting services to my partners, colleagues, and clients.

Emilio Gonzalez

Davis Wright Tremaine LLP, Los Angeles, CA

We recently used Tsongas jury consultants to assist us in our highly successful Intellectual Property trial. They assisted us with a mock trial, jury selection and conducted a shadow jury throughout trial. The mock and shadow jury research proved to be very accurate and helpful, and they provided useful insights on the nature of the jurors in the venue and how they would respond to the unique elements of a patent infringement case. They were an enjoyable team to work with, responsive and professional, and I appreciated their experienced, grounded, and practical recommendations. I would highly recommend their trial services and look forward to working with them again.

Derek Gilliland

Nix Patterson & Roach, LLP, Austin, TX

I recently worked with Tsongas on a mock trial in Southern California to prepare for my employment defense jury trial. I found that their mock trial approach was organized and efficient, and that they paid great attention to the critical details. But, more importantly they provided very useful and practical recommendations for trial strategy. Their rapid grasp of the case issues, and how jurors respond to particular evidence, case themes, and jury instructions was most helpful. They offer constructive advice, engage in helpful dialogues about particular elements of the litigation and trial strategy, and they went beyond providing just a service. They became more members of the trial team as they helped us gear up for the trial. I would not hesitate to recommend Tsongas services for my clients.

James A. Zapp

Paul Hastings, Los Angeles, CA

I have retained Tsongas for the last five years to help me win complicated employment defense trials in multiple states throughout the West Coast. Whether it is assisting my witnesses in telling the truth well and in the most effective and persuasive manner; conducting a mock trial to help me assess the risks of my case and then refine a trial strategy to minimize those risks; or helping me to pick a jury; Tsongas has always provided the best of service and insight. Tsongas trial consultants have helped me with early assessment of my most difficult cases and helped to develop an effective defense narrative at the early stages of the litigation. They have helped to develop key demonstrative exhibits for trial and have conducted highly valuable post-verdict interviews. All of their work is performed on a timely basis and with excellent attention to detail. I have found Tsongas to add tremendous value to my cases. Based on their track record and the superior quality of their work, I do not hesitate to tell my clients that they should make the extra investment so that together, we can get them the best results possible for their cases.

Portia R. Moore

Davis Wright Tremaine, Seattle, WA

We have worked with Tsongas consultants for years on large and high profile cases, as well as on jury trials where the exposure and stakes were lower, but the results were still critically important for our clients. We use them to collectively develop case and trial strategy, to enhance our opening and closing statement strategy, to assist us in selecting jurors, and to test our case and themes in mock trials. They make themselves available when they are needed, are quick and responsible to our needs, and always provide quality insight, opinions, and work product. Recently they assisted us in a uniquely challenging legal malpractice defense verdict related to intellectual property. We made use of all these services, and they developed some highly useful graphics for both opening and closing. We recommend them if you have a small case and just need some strategic consulting or if you have a large case where you may want to consider a number of their jury consulting services.

Robert Sulkin & Greg Hollon

McNaul Ebel Nawrot & Helgren, Seattle, WA

I have worked with Tsongas Litigation Consulting on a number of cases over the last decade. Tsongas trial consultants have helped me with graphics, case themes, jury selection and mock trials. I have found their work to be uniformly first rate. They have very good ideas and provide top notch service.

Kelly Corr

Corr Cronin Michelson Baumbardner & Preece, Seattle, WA

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