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The People' as Jurors in 2022: Polarized but Pledged and Productive

Updated: Jul 14, 2023

One common question we have heard from our clients is, "What are jurors like now?" There is a curiosity about how people have changed since the pandemic. President and Senior Consultant Chris Dominic and co-authors Tara Trask, Emilie Fisher, & David Barnard, Ph.D. answer this question in "'The People' as Jurors in 2022: Polarized but pledged and productive." The article was published in The Advocate, Volume 98, Spring 2022 edition. The article uses survey and observational data to reveal attitudes and opinions regarding distrust of information and trust in public institutions and offers recommendations for how attorneys and judges can adapt.

Download the full article below!

Download PDF • 1.87MB


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