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  • Christopher J. Dominic, Laura L. Dominic,


Updated: Jul 14, 2023

Please forgive the brief moment of self promotion. We were honored to learn that Tsongas Litigation Consulting was recently recognized by the National Law Journal for National Top Honor for Jury Consulting in 2017. We would like to thank our clients for their support. This award was unsolicited and unexpected, and reflects the growth of our national practice and expertise in complex commercial litigation, employment litigation, intellectual property litigation, product liability, and MDL matters.

We believe it speaks to the success of our clients, and to their desire to work with us as strategic partners in advocacy.

The company began with Joyce Tsongas in 1978, a founder with a vision and energy surpassed by few. The current Tsongas team took the reins from Joyce in 2005 and grew our practice on the foundation she laid. We continue to expand our knowledge of human communication, advocacy, and small group deliberation, in order to give our clients the most effective recommendations for presentation strategy and tactics for jury trials, bench trials, and arbitrations. Led by a core team of consultants, Tsongas maintains a team committed to a time tested methodology, a full-service approach, and client-focused responsiveness.

Tsongas is proud of our reputation as a company that speaks the hard truths, and adds insight, expertise, and creativity to our work. Tsongas offers a full menu of services including case strategy and theme development, witness preparation for deposition and trial, litigation and trial graphics, mock trials and focus groups, jury selection, opening statement and closing argument development, trial technology support, shadow juries, and post-verdict interviews.


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